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Fleet Program member Fabio Bilibio on the AGM’s advantages in combination with parking coolers:

Conventional batteries cannot keep up“

As part of the VARTA Fleet Program, the Italian logistics company "Autotrasporti Bilibio" tested the VARTA AGM. Here is what the owner Fabio Bilibio experienced:

With standard batteries, it was frequently the case that the truck did not start after the break. This always meant unnecessary downtimes and therefore high costs. In addition, the battery became weaker each time it was used.”

In situations like these, it is extremely helpful to have a battery that provides perfect support for all of the important power functions. This saves a lot of money. Since we installed the AGM in our trucks, problems like this are a thing of the past.”


Company: Autotrasporti Bilibio

Owner: Fabio Bilibio

Location: Treviso

Vehicle fleet: 60 trucks

Delivery region: Italy, Austria, France and Spain


Standard batteries did not start the truck after the break. This led to costly downtimes.

Without AGM:
  • Charge every 3 weeks
  • Lifetime expectancy: about 6 months
  • Can run up to 4 hours



Since we installed the AGM in our trucks, problems like this are a thing of the past.

With AGM:
  • No recharge needed
  • Lifetime expectancy: about 2 years and longer
  • Can run up to 12 hours

„The purchase price is well worth it.”

After an average four-hour run, drivers often have to wait at their destination for the unloading to begin. All the while, air conditioning and entertainment systems are running at full power with no chance of recharging.

With standard batteries, this eventually led to complete breakdowns, often after just a few months. With the AGM we don’t have to worry about that. Of course, an AGM is more expensive than a standard battery, but the higher purchase price is well worth it.

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