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Fleet Program member Anders Johansson on the AGM’s advantages with extensive parking heater use:

„AGM is like a power plant in our trucks.”

Anders Johansson’s trucking company "Anders Johansson Åkeri AB" delivers goods all across Sweden. This is what he had to say about the performance of the AGM in the cold north:

„Especially in winter it can get freezing cold when we take our rest periods in the truck. Our integrated heater systems make such breaks much more comfortable for us. But these heater systems require a lot of energy, so we keep the engine running to recharge the battery.” 

„However, this requires fuel. Therefore, we used to switch off the heater after heating up the cabin during our breaks in the fear of the engine not starting again and woke up freezing after a few hours. With the new AGM in place that is no longer necessary, and I need to worry a lot less.”


Company: Anders Johansson Åkeri AB

Owner: Anders Johansson

Location: Vaggeryd

Vehicle fleet: 9 trucks

Delivery region: Sweden



When parking for the night, the heater uses power to keep the cab warm. Sometimes the truck had trouble starting again.

Without AGM:
  • Charge every week
  • Lifetime expectancy: about 6 months
  • Can run up to 4 hours



With the AGM, drivers can use the heater all night and know that the truck is going to start in the morning.

With AGM:
  • No recharge needed
  • Lifetime expectancy: about 2 years and longer
  • Can run up to 12 hours

    „AGM gives me peace of mind.“ 

    We have tested the AGM for one year now. Initially, we were not aware of its full potential. We charged the batteries every weekend, as we
    always did, until we hired a new driver who did not receive full information about the charging process.

    After three months we discovered that we had not charged the truck at all. Everything worked perfectly though, no problem.
    The driver could use his equipment and the heater and still be confident that the truck would start every time.

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